Broadband Service In Katihar

Fast Broadband Service In Katihar

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500+ channels offered

Keeping the diversity of the Indian market in mind, KBC DIGITAL offers 500+ channels and services and together with you, arrives at packaging and bundling of channels best suited to your market’s requirement.

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Local Channel Insertion

At KBC DIGITAL we understand the importance of local channels for you and your subscribers. KBC DIGITAL therefore not only offers you, the capability to insert local channels in your network but also provides technology to encrypt them as per the requirements of the government.

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Multiple Modes of Payment

In the prepaid model, you can manage subscriptions easily as your subscribers’ services are activated only after you have received the payment. You can offer your subscribers all the prepaid transaction modes as those used by mobile operators, including online recharge, netbanking etc.

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User Friendly Operator Terminal

With this platform, you can keep a track of your subscribers’ payment activities on a real time basis. Support for both, prepaid and post-paid billing, allows you to offer your subscribers, a choice in how they are billed.

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Increased Revenue Opportunities

To help you gain a competitive edge, KBC DIGITAL offers an array of HD Channels that can boost your revenues. Apart from that, we offer Value Added Services (VAS) on a revenue share basis like KBC Darshan, KBC Learning, KBC Games and KBC Click (TV Everywhere).

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24 X 7 End to End Support

KBC DIGITAL will provide round the clock support to ensure uninterrupted service with a dedicated helpline for you and your subscribers. KBC DIGITAL also provides customized support to the end customer in regional languages.